During our long working experience we have specialised in the manufacture

of injection and compression molds for rubber vulcanisation, trimming molds for the pharmaceutical industry, cold runner systems for rubber direct and transfer type. In addition, based on customer requests, we make molds for rubber for customised projects and products.

Below we have listed some of the applications for the molds we manufacture:

Vulcanisation and trimming molds for the pharmaceutical industry:

for molding syringe pistons, vial caps, needle fittings, drip-feed fittings, needle covers.

Molds for industrial technical articles:

for molding nautical impellers, bellows, diaphragms, anti vibration systems, trolley wheels, tweezers, gaskets

Moulds for Automotive - Oil Seals:

Molds for the food industry:

for molding coffee stirrers, cups, teats for milking machines.

Cold runner systems for rubber, direct and transfer type: